Due to popular demand Gardens Tennis has extended competition nights to Include Tuesdays.

Social Tennis/Competition Nights are now:

Tuesday Nights: Division 1 Mixed Doubles (2 ladies, 2 men per team)

Wednesday Nights: Division 2 Mixed Doubles (2 ladies, 2 men per team)

Thursday Nights: Mens Doubles (4 men per team)

Q & A’s

What time does it start? 7pm all nights

What is the format? Play a set to 6 with each player in your team (total of 3 matches). Tiebreaker at 5-5, normal deuce.

When is the season? Social Tennis aligns with the NT School Term dates. Typically, competition seasons will run for a 10 x week season, 4 seasons in a year.

What if I don’t have a team? Not to worry, nobody has a team when they first start. Give us a call to register your interest and we can get you filling in to start with.  Our number is 8981 2181.

But I’m pretty rusty… Have a go at filling in or join our Adult Group Coaching classes.

We look forward to seeing you soon 🙂